Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
Goodbye Xiaomi Mi Fit, the health app becomes "Zepp Life"

Xiaomi ditches the Mi Fit name for its health app which will now be called “Zepp Life”.

Goodbye Xiaomi Mi Fit, the health application becomes
Mi Fit app becomes Zepp Life

Xiaomi has become over the years a major player in the market of connected bracelets with its “Smart Band” that everyone knows well today. It is one of the most prominent brands for people who want to measure their efforts and keep their shape at a lower cost. All of this generally stays in very affordable price segments.

But curiously, Xiaomi now prefers to take a step back and has decided to give its health branch its own identity. This is how the Xiaomi Mi Fit app changed its name to “Zepp Life” as noted by the site. xatakandroid . This change has just been made through an update of the iOS and Android versions of the brand.

Why such a change?

In fact, Xiaomi is not the only manufacturer of its products. Over time, the brand has been able to develop a network and invest in a number of suppliers who develop “exclusive” products for them. Thus, it was able to delegate the manufacture of its equipment to other brands, in particular its health bracelets that were entrusted to them by the Amazfit brand (owned by the Huami brand). The collaboration between the two brands is, therefore, at the origin of this change.

Xiaomi Mi Fit has become Zepp simply because this brand is the name that Amazfit has started to use for some of its products, especially for the application through which users can manage their Amazfit equipment, but now also for the one that used to control Smart Bands.

This is purely a rebrand which absolutely does not change the content or interface of the Mi Fit app. It is not the first time that Xiaomi has changed the name of its app for its bracelets and it may not be the last.

What about the Xiaomi Smart Band 7?

Still, this bodes well for a stronger bond between the two companies as Xiaomi prepares to launch its future Smart Band 7. We could see a product arrive that would be even more integrated into the Amazfit ecosystem and perhaps gain some features in the process. . But nothing is certain yet, we will have to wait for an upcoming announcement from Xiaomi to really understand what all this means for the future of its products.

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