Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
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Xiaomi is launching a “war” against Apple’s iPhone. The Chinese giant wants to establish itself as the number one smartphone in the world.

Xiaomi still dreams of dominating the global smartphone market and makes it known. With its diverse portfolio, the Chinese giant quickly distinguished itself by focusing on value for money. For several months now, the brand has also benefited from the fall of its compatriot Huawei to consolidate itself as the third largest player in this segment, along with Samsung and Apple. According to canalys figuresXiaomi managed to sell 191 million smartphones in 2021, 42 million more than in 2020.

This performance ensures third place in the global market for the brand, with a market share of 14% and a growth of 28% in one year. However, these good figures do not allow Xiaomi to get ahead of Apple, still solid second with a market share of 17% (230.1 million iPhones sold). In the lead, Samsung has 20% of the market with 274.5 smartphones sold. However, these two historical brands see Xiaomi’s progress very quickly.

Dominating Apple, a “matter of life or death” for Xiaomi

With this meteoric rise, the Chinese giant has ambitions and intends to compete with Apple in the high-end segment. “We want to compete with Apple in terms of products and experiences, and become the biggest premium brand in China in the next three years.”, explains Lei Jun on the Chinese social network Weibo. For the company’s founder and managing director, the goal is first to dominate its American competitor in China, and then to become the market leader.

The manager goes further and states that it is a “a matter of life and death”, which Xiaomi must overcome to continue its progress. ready for this ” war “, the manufacturer plans to open 20,000 new stores in the next three years in China. Xiaomi also intends to invest 100 billion yuan (about 13.91 billion euros) in research and development. This amount will be invested in the coming years to help her achieve her goals.

Apple leads the Chinese market

The stakes are high for Xiaomi, which saw Apple become the market leader in the fourth quarter of 2021. For the firms Canalys or Counterpoint, the iPhone 13s were very well received, particularly in China. For the first time since the iPhone 6 “supercycle,” Apple imposes as the leading smartphone supplier in China. A performance that does not go unnoticed by local manufacturers (Vivo, Oppo, Honor, Xiaomi) and in a period of tension between China and the United States.

For its part, Xiaomi’s sales have slowed due to the global shortage of semiconductors. “For Xiaomi, the problems on the supply side are relatively more important than the weak demand in China”, believes the current president of the company, Wang Xiang. To become the king of the market, the firm will not have to content itself with launching high-end smartphones. “Focusing on user experience is the right way for Xiaomi to achieve this goal”said Will Wong, an analyst at IDC.

Despite its progress, Xiaomi has not really filled the gap left by Huawei in this segment. The battle is also raging among major Chinese manufacturers to gain market share. In addition to targeting Apple or Samsung, Xiaomi will also have to watch out for fellow countryman Oppo. With Find X5 Pro, a new premium smartphone will soon see the light of day.

This article was translated from this source written by Thomas Estimbre

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