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Finding the right gift idea for Christmas is sometimes more complicated than it sounds. We found the original, practical and Made in France gift that the French are buying! And the best part is, you are entitled to a crazy offer right now!

Ticking … Days go by, Christmas is coming and you still haven’t found the perfect gift! Yes, we know: every year is the same. You are racking your brains in search of the Holy Grail. Good news, we have found the right gift idea. Practical, made in France and innovative technological products for children and adults, that is what Y-Brush offers. Cherry on the cake? The Y-Brush Christmas Pack has a sensational offer for the holiday season. We must not lose it!

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Made in France and original: Y-Brush is the perfect gift

If essential, brushing your teeth can sometimes be a chore. And while dentists recommend brushing their teeth for two minutes after each meal, the French only brush their teeth for 43 to 52 seconds. It is far from being enough! This is the reason why Y-Brush has imagined products that will revolutionize your oral routine. With your original toothbrush, your teeth are flawless in just ten seconds. Is he useful and unusual gift what were you looking for! The icing on the cake: it’s made in France.

Developed in close collaboration with dentists, Y-Brush is more efficient than any toothbrush, electric or manual. Its innovative Y-shape allows it to cover all the teeth of the same arch. Your teeth are brushed simultaneously instead of one at a time. In just ten seconds, you get a deep clean.

This efficiency, Y-Brush is due to its Nylon Med internal technology (and its 35,000 flexible nylon filaments) as well as its sonic vibration system. Unlike other products with a similar design, Y-Brush is the just the toothbrush AND to be really effective thanks to its advanced technology. Yes, the competitor’s large silicone bumps are too soft to remove plaque.

Speed, efficiency … No wonder tens of thousands of French people trust Y-Brush for their oral hygiene. Also, the TV news of TF1, France 2 and M6 praised the merits of this rather particular electric toothbrush, the only one made in frankme.

For a full range of products, Y-Brush offers a very effective solid toothpaste. Innovative, 100% natural, organic and made in France, one tablet is enough for your brushing!

A Christmas under the sign of Y-Brush

Useful and innovative, Y-Brush products are perfect for making Christmas fun. Toothbrushes as accessories are available on the brand’s website but also from major French brands such as Fnac, Darty and Boulanger.

What are you waiting to succumb to Y-Brush Christmas Pack at 99 euros ? To start the adventure right, it contains a Y-Brush toothbrush, a handle with integrated battery, a toothpaste applicator, a USB cable for recharging and access to the accompanying program. And Y-Brush did not forget children who are also entitled to their Christmas Package with an adorable whale-shaped applicator and stickers to personalize your new toothbrush. Don’t miss out on these magical offers!

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