Thu. Sep 29th, 2022
Flat tire?  Soft ball?  This Xiaomi air pump takes care of everything

[Deal du jour] Xiaomi sells a large number of everyday accessories, from very useful to less useful. This portable air pump definitely fits the essentials. And it is currently on promotion on Cdiscount.

  • What is this Xiaomi air pump? If you are used to riding a bike, scooter or even a scooter, an air pump is clearly one of the accessories that you should prioritize in your bag. The Xiaomi Mi 1S Portable Air Pump is a versatile, compact and super efficient electric pump. It will be useful in your daily commute, to inflate the tires of your bicycle, or even your car. According to Xiaomi, it can fully inflate two car tires on a single charge. There are five inflation modes present, with preset air pressure values ​​for proper inflation. All you have to do is press a simple button and the inflation is done automatically. Precision cast alloy cylinder block inflates from 0 psi to 150 psi in just 20 seconds. Wait about two minutes to re-inflate a bicycle tire and a little more than twice as long to re-inflate a car tire. With the Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump 1S you can of course also inflate balloons, there are adapters for that.
  • Is this Xiaomi air pump a bargain at this price? This is a great deal for a handy, easy-to-use tool. Mi Portable Air Pump 1S’s 14.8Wh battery charges in less than 3 hours via a Type-C port and lets you hit the road with peace of mind. The Xiaomi 1S Portable Compressor automatically stops inflation when the preset pressure is reached. Perfect for inflating a soccer ball, for example. Weighing almost 500g, it’s not necessarily the lightest accessory you’ll have in your bag, but its compact design still makes it handy to carry. Finally, it is equipped with LED lighting for night use and an SOS signal function, in case you encounter a brown bear during a mountain bike ride.
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The Xiaomi Mi 1S portable air pump. Source: Xiaomi

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