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Christmas: 7 connected technology products for less than 100 euros

Last just before Christmas. Tech products are one of the essentials and it is possible to please or have fun without breaking your budget. Here you have a selection of products for less (or around) 100 euros.

Christmas is coming and high-tech gifts should be back in the limelight under the tree. Between smartphones, tablets, connected watches or true wireless headphones, there is sure to be something to please yourself or your loved ones. Also, it is not always necessary to spend several hundred euros to find the ideal gift. We offer a selection of technological products for less (or around) 100 euros that you will surely like.

one A smartphone: the Xiaomi Redmi 9A

Finding an interesting smartphone that is around 100 euros is a challenge. If it is no longer necessary to spend money to find a good phone, it is clear that manufacturers are focusing on higher budgets, around 200 or 300 euros minimum. However, it is not impossible to find a new model around this amount.

The Redmi 9A smartphone.© Xiaomi

the Xiaomi redmi 9a it meets our expectations and is trading at around 100 euros. For this price, don’t expect great features or a real photophone, but the Chinese brand is a specialist in good value for money. Your Redmi 9A is entitled to a large 6.53-inch IPS screen displaying HD + definition. Inside, Xiaomi opted for a MediaTek Helio G25 chip paired with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. A microSD slot allows you to expand the capacity of this 4G smartphone. On the photo side, a single 13MP sensor is available on the front and a 5MP front camera allows you to make video calls or take selfies.

The strong point of this smartphone is its 5000 mAh battery, which allows it to offer an interesting autonomy. Despite its price, it has a simple and efficient design.

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two An activity sensor: the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 or 5

If there are connected watches around 100 euros (see our selection), our choice fell on the series of connected bracelets from Xiaomi. The firm has built a solid reputation for itself with its Mi Smart Band and has further enhanced its copy with the My Smart Band 6. This connected bracelet has a 1.56-inch AMOLED screen and a new SpO sensortwo.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6.© Xiaomi

It has 30 different training modes and continues to offer a heart rate sensor. It is capable of collecting a lot of information such as the number of steps taken, the calories expended, the distances traveled or even measure the level of oxygen in the blood, the heart rate or monitor sleep. This affordable price is explained by the absence of GPS, which still leaves you dependent on the smartphone.

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If the Mi Smart Band 6 is difficult to find, it is still possible to go for its predecessor. the My Smart Band 5 it is even more affordable and this model was convincing when it was used.

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3 An instant camera: the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11.© Fujifilm

The instant camera is constantly reinventing itself and has even taken advantage of the presence of the smartphone. Unlike compact cameras, it occupies a special place by offering to take a photo directly. A feature that always makes it a cherished gift and our choice fell on the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11. This little camera fits our criteria perfectly and is effective.

All expected technical elements are present (optics with a focal length of 60mm, battery powered (2 AA), automatic flash) and this model is also designed for selfies. It comes in various colors (pink, gray, white, white, lilac) and it is even possible to find it shaped as a gift box.

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4 A connected speaker: Google Nest or Apple HomePod Mini

© Google

Do we still have to introduce the Google Nest speakers and displays? Google’s wireless speaker is among the references and is a must for those who want to have a speaker with a voice assistant. For the model, we will focus on the Google Nest Audio that took a real leap forward or 2nd Gen Google Nest Hub if you need a screen. In case of limited budget, the Google Nest Mini can do the trick.

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For fans of the Apple brand, it is possible to opt for the HomePod Mini. Apple’s connected speaker was also entitled to a compact version and its price is much more affordable than that of the first HomePod: less than 100 euros.

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5 A connected alarm clock: Lenovo Smart Clock 2

Still in the world of devices to connect your home, the Lenovo Smart Watch 2 it will find its place in a room. This recently released alarm clock has received a new design and compatibility with a docking station for charging a compatible wireless device. Interesting additions that follow a compelling first version and minimalist variation.

Lenovo’s smartwatch 2.© Lenovo

Always equipped with a 4-inch touch screen and compatible with the Google Assistant, it can display various information such as the time, weather, road traffic or photos. First thought for the bedroom, its new design allows it to find a place in other rooms of the house. It can be used to control your connected home, with the possibility of triggering a series of actions by creating routines.

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6 A digital electronic reader: the Fnac Nia Kobo

Entry-level model, the Nia sets itself apart with its affordable price and solid arguments. Compact (112.4 × 159.3 × 9.2 mm) and light (172 grams), it has a 6-inch diagonal screen (e-ink card) with a definition of 1024 × 758 pixels (that is, 212 dpi ).

The Kobo e-reader from Fnac Nia.© Kobo

Its 8 GB internal memory allows you to store up to 6,000 books and this e-reader has a Wi-Fi connection. The Kobo by Fnac Nia it is also entitled to ComfortLight technology to improve nighttime reading and its 1000 mAh battery guarantees ” Several weeks “ autonomy. An efficient electronic reader, which has the advantage of being compatible with open formats. It is even possible to associate it with the Kobo Plus by Fnac service.

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7 A mini-compressor: the Xiaomi Mi portable electric air pump

The Xiaomi Mi portable electric mini-air compressor.© Xiaomi

the Mi Portable Electric Air Pump It is possibly the most unusual product in our selection, but it is also one of the most practical. This nomadic compact electric inflator is particularly practical and shines with its versatility. It allows you to effortlessly inflate the wheels of your bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, balloons or even check and adjust the tire pressure of a car.

Appreciable versatility for this affordable inflator, which convinced us when we started. It is easy to use and comes with adapters to inflate various valves. Plus, it even has accent lighting built in. If it is not really discreet, Xiaomi advertises 80 dB at one meter, it is relatively easy to transport with its brick format (124x71x45.3 mm and around 430 g).

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This article was translated from this source written by Thomas Estimbre

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