Wed. Dec 7th, 2022
Boursorama Banque

The online bank continues to increase its advantage over the competition with its Pink Weekend. This operation allows all new Boursorama Banque clients to receive a mega remuneration of up to 150 euros for opening an account.

To celebrate the launch of its new website, Boursorama Banque took the opportunity to organize a new Pink Weekend. This time, is even more generous than usual: the bonus is 150 euros and above all it is easy to get. Following the standard procedure when opening an account and choosing the card allows you to get the bonus in full. You won’t need anything else.

the special code PWE150 To activate the bonus, enter here:

Open my Boursorama account

This bonus of 150 euros is accessible to all new customers, including those who will choose the free account (including the Ultim account, which is the most popular). Above all, the online bank does not ask you to prove a certain level of monthly income, and it does not ask you to convert it to a main account. So you can have a secondary account on Boursorama just like you would on Lydia or Revolut.

Why is it easier to get this bonus?

From time to time during the year, Boursorama Banque increases the welcome bonus during Pink Weekend operations. Apart from these special and occasional offers, the remuneration of a current account ranges rather between 50 and 80 euros. Choosing to open an account during this Pink Weekend is therefore guaranteed to have a better welcome bonus.

Depending on the Pink Weekend, the bonus varies between 110, 130 or even 150 euros. This last quantity, however, is very rare. This is currently the case for the Pink Weekend that takes place between October 20 and 24, 2022. But beware, there is another thing to take into account: the conditions associated with the granting of this bonus.

In fact, Boursorama Banque can be more or less demanding to give you the welcome bonus. Rest assured, online banking is always more flexible than other online banks on the market, which have voluntarily set up sometimes very drastic bonus conditions.

Open my Boursorama account

In detail, you currently have a bonus of 150 euros that is divided into two parts: filling in the form and validating your account allows you to unlock 70 euros first. Then, choosing your credit card (free or the Metal version that is paid) offers you 80 euros more. And that’s it! Therefore, if you follow the classic account opening process, you are guaranteed to receive the full amount of this bonus.

A few weeks ago, Boursorama Banque held another Pink Weekend with a similar bonus. That said, the latter was conditioned by something more attractive: it was mandatory to use the EasyMove service. In other words, to receive the full 150 euros, you had to make a permanent direct debit (or transfer) to the online banking account. This means that you had to commit to actively using it.

For this special operation to launch its new site, Boursorama Banque is opening the floodgates. It is much easier to get the welcome bonus, so you would be wrong not to take advantage of it. Again, this does not force you to regularly contribute funds or direct a salary. Online banking leaves you free to get acquainted with your speed in your service.

Current account

Conditions: No entry condition – Welcome and Ultim Cards

Annual fee: €0 • Initial deposit: €300

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

Credit card

Monthly cost of the card: €0

Euro zone withdrawals: Free • Euro zone payments: Free

Withdrawals in foreign currency: 1.69% • Payments in foreign currency: Free

Proposed Cards

mobile payment



A bank that shines with its offer

To compete with retail banks, Boursorama Banque has developed an irreproachable range. The current account and the bank card are at the center of its strategy, but these two products are accompanied by a whole range of other services. For example, there are all kinds of savings accounts (regulated or not), solutions to invest (in the stock market, through life insurance, etc.) or loans. In addition to mortgage and consumer loans, which require the prior approval of the Boursorama team, there is one-click credit (between 200 and 2,000 euros) that is accessible.

If online banking is clearly as complete as that of a traditional bank, its rate has nothing to do with it: the current account and the Ultim card are free by default. You just have to make sure you use it once a month to keep it that way. In total, customers paid an average of 7.79 euros in commissions at Boursorama Banque in 2021. In a traditional bank, the cost was 219 euros according to a study by Panorabanques. Choosing Boursorama means choosing to save more than 200 euros in costs per year.

you would have understood: these 150 euros offered in cash are in the short term a great deal. But the most interesting thing is in the longer term: each year you will save yourself a rather monstrous amount of bank charges. For standard use, Boursorama can even cost you 0 euros. If you are still in the green and you do not have a particular use for your card, it will continue to be totally free.

One thing is for sure, you better jump right into this Pink Weekend. This Monday night is over, there are only a few hours left to enjoy it. Even if you were planning to open an account at Boursorama Banque (or an online bank) in the coming months, you could also make this choice: this 150 euros with so much flexibility is a blessing. Then you will have a lot of time to understand the bank’s service.

To take advantage of Pink Weekend on this last Monday of the operation, it is here:

Open my Boursorama account

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