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To build a good heritage, you have to be regular and start as soon as possible. Mon Petit Placement helps you invest your savings well and make them grow from 300 euros.

It is often thought that to invest you have to be rich or at least have a good knowledge of finances. However this is not entirely true. In fact, Mon Petit Placement guides you to prepare your future serenely by accumulating capital little by little… You can invest a little each month and find yourself with a good sum after several years. in investment, consistency is key.

startup Mon Petit Placement democratizes premium financial products and gives you the keys to building a patrimony of 100,000 euros when you turn 60. It’s done in 10 minutes from your couch, even on Sundays. 300 euros are enough to launch you into the adventure.

I Discover My Little Placement

Tips from Mon Petit Placement to invest your savings

To aspire to have a heritage amounting to 100,000 euros at 60, you have to start early and be regular. This allows you to have a longer investment horizon and give your savings time to grow. Mon Petit Placement explains that betting 67 euros a month from the age of 20 allows you to have a good jackpot for your 60th birthday. How do you say, “small streams make great rivers”. A few tens of euros a month doesn’t sound like much, but over the years, it’s a pretty good sum.

In order to smooth your entry point and therefore the risk of your investment while maximizing your profits, Mon Petit Placement advises that youinvest in installments. Likewise, it is recommended diversify your investment. By betting on different investments, you reduce your risk of loss and can aim for higher returns. Finally, the French startup reminds you that there is nothing wrong with seeking the advice of experts. It is even a very good thing. The financial markets can be scary and making the right decisions is not necessarily innate. Mon Petit Placement advisers are at your disposal and guide you so that you can invest tailored to your projects.

Unlike traditional life insurance, or the Livret A savings account that we all know, the life insurance contract offered by Mon Petit Placement is much more dynamic… And profitable. Depending on your profiles and the level of risk you are willing to take, you can expect a much higher return. However, do not forget that Lyon’s fintech solutions are subject to market risks.

Mon Petit Placement gives you the opportunity to invest in different themes, according to your interests and values: Equality, Health, Environment, Real Estate, Employment, Technology, Solidarity or Recovery. All you have to do is tell them how much you want to invest, on what topics, and the startup takes care of the rest. It’s as simple as hello!

To grow your money with complete peace of mind, Mon Petit Placement is the ready solution. In 10 minutes with only 300 euros you can access the best premium investments. Even better, we managed to negotiate a 30% reduction in your performance commissions in the first year thanks to the promotional code GEEK30. This code is only valid for a few days, so hurry up to take advantage of it!

I take advantage of the Mon Petit Placement offer

How do I open my Mon Petit Placement account?

Before embarking on the adventure, keep in mind that Mon Petit Placement is a partner of Apicil and General, two renowned insurers, and that the Lyon-based fintech has every reason to grow your capital in the best possible way. Indeed, Mon Petit Placement only receives commissions if their investments are performing well. Between you and the startup, it’s a true team effort. Finally, you have the possibility of recovering your savings at any time, without any justification.

Here’s how to open your Mon Petit Placement account in minutes and start accumulating capital on a regular basis. Also note that there is a tax advantage after 8 years, but your savings are never locked. The sooner you start, the better!

Are you prepared to prepare your future serenely, little by little? Perfect ! You can also customize and adapt your investments whenever you want. Lastly, note thatIn investing, risks and returns are linked. Mon Petit Placement stands out as a profitable and stable solution that takes into account your profile and the risks you are willing to take to achieve the desired return. However, past performance is not indicative of future performance, so don’t hesitate to ask the experts at Mon Petit Placement all of your questions before you begin.

I take advantage of the Mon Petit Placement offer

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