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At -40%, the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro drops to its lowest price

On the connected wristband side, Xiaomi’s Redmi Smart Band Pro is very good in this area. Today it is also more interesting since it is exhibited at 29.99 euros compared to 49.99 euros on the brand’s website.

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Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro // Source: xiaomi website

Well established in the smartphone market, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is also very present in the segment of connected wristbands, in particular with its Smart Band. These activity trackers have the advantage of offering a good number of functionalities at the sports level, but also at the health level to control the level of stress, for example, or even to analyze the heart rate. They offer very comprehensive tracking, all for a more affordable price on select connected watches. This is the case of the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro that is listed today less than 30 euros.

What to remember about this connected bracelet?

  • An enlarged 1.47-inch AMOLED screen
  • Full activity tracking and advanced health features
  • Up to 14 days of battery life

Launched at 69.99 euros, then reduced to 49.99 euros, the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro connected bracelet is currently on offer at 29.99 euros only on the brand’s website.

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where to buy the

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro at the best price?

A long screen for optimized viewing

Alongside its Smart Bands, Xiaomi has launched another category of bracelets under the name of Redmi as the one assigned to its affordable smartphones. The Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro is a well-finished product, with a sporty look that is quickly forgotten once on the wrist with its 15 grams. Usually oval in shape, here this wristband adopts a rectangular shape with a full-length 1.47-inch screen to display more items.

For the screen, Xiaomi does not skimp on quality by offering AMOLED. The 1.47-inch screen displays a definition (194 x 368 pixels) with a brightness of 450 nits that will allow you to see the screen clearly, even in bright sunlight. Otherwise, it is possible to access most notifications from your phone, view messages through SMS and some social networks. You can even activate the camera, control the music, or even the ability to emit a sound signal to find your phone if you can no longer find it.

A complete bracelet for the price.

In terms of functionality, the Redmi Smart Band Pro provides more generous activity monitoring with more than 110 sports modes, so 15 sports activities with more complete monitoring such as running, walking, swimming (don’t panic, the bracelet is resistant to water up to 50 m deep), the elliptical bike, yoga, etc. In addition, the Redmi Smart Band Pro automatically detects 3 sports modes. At the sensor level, we obviously find an accelerometer, a gyroscope as well as a heart rate monitor that analyzes your heart rate, and a blood oxygenation sensor, an Sp02.

To find all the data, just go to the Xiaomi Wear application. Inside, you’ll have access to a wealth of analytics to improve your results over time, while monitoring your physical health. It is also able to monitor the level of stress and help you manage it better, and do a deep breathing exercise. You can also track your sleep cycle, but also the woman’s menstrual cycle and ovulation period.

Finally, this Smart Band Pro can accompany you on a day-to-day basis thanks to its autonomy, capable of lasting up to 20 days in economic mode according to the manufacturer. In standard mode, it will take more than 14 days of use. Note that the autonomy is quite average once all the tracking has been activated. Wait a week instead. Note also that this model has a very practical magnetic charging system based on electrodes.

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