Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Already at a low price, the new Xiaomi camera that records in 2K is at -33%

If there is a brand that offers products with the best value for money, that is Xiaomi. The manufacturer recently launched a small surveillance camera that has many advantages, including its price ranging from 29.99 euros to 19.99 euros.

Already at a low price, the new Xiaomi camera that films in 2K is at -33%
Xiaomi Mi Camera 2K Magnetic Mount // Source Amazon

Xiaomi is a manufacturer that has the peculiarity of being present in an incalculable number of areas. The Chinese firm also has a good number of surveillance cameras, including a new reference that was recently released: the Mi Camera 2K Magnetic Mount. This little one is mainly designed for indoors, with its small format and its magnetic fixing it will be very discreet. Its true asset remains its definition for sharp images. Xiaomi once again presents a sufficient solution to monitor your home without investing a monstrous sum, especially since at the moment benefits from a discount of 10 euros on its initial price.

Xiaomi’s camera is capable…

  • Monitor your home remotely through the app
  • Record 2K videos on microSD or in the cloud
  • As well as connecting other Xiaomi devices to enjoy the benefits of the ecosystem

Launched at a price of 29.99 euros, the recent Xiaomi Mi Camera 2K Magnetic Mount camera benefits from a reduction of 33% and It comes out at 19.99 euros on Amazon.

A discreet camera that is easy to place

With its new camera, Xiaomi plays the discreet card by offering reduced dimensions of 60 x 48 x 67.5 mm. The white coating of it makes it appreciate a minimalist, discreet and aesthetic appearance. It offers a compact round format to be able to land anywhere, it is also offered with a magnetic support (whose name is an extension) very useful to fix the camera easily without the need for tools. The camera also has the advantage of offering various tilts thanks to its 180° rotating mount.

For it to work, you need to start by downloading the Mi Home app. Then simply turn on your camera and scan the QR code below the camera to connect. From there, you can have a remote video feedback of what happens at home, and can even record the videos on a microSD previously inserted in the camera. Going through the cloud is also possible, but requires a subscription.

Sharp image rendering, even at night

As for the surveillance camera, it offers a very good image quality that benefits from a definition in 2K, or 2,304 x 1,296 pixels. In addition to bringing sharp and detailed images, it is now possible to zoom without blurring. Record detailed images in all light situations, as it has infrared night vision to keep an eye on your home. Thanks to the integration of AI, the camera can easily detect movements and distinguishes false alarms well.

This product also has two microphones, which use active noise reduction technology, to effectively reduce the echo produced by the speakers and reproduce sound correctly and sufficiently indoors. Finally, you should know that the camera fits perfectly into the Xiaomi ecosystem and offers to make the Bluetooth gateway with other objects of the brand. You can even display video comments on your smart display, for example. Finally, Alexa and Google Assistant are also in the game.

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This article was translated from this source written by Mélanie Capelli

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