Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
Already affordable, Xiaomi's little box to extend Wi-Fi is 50% off

What is the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro? Simply a small, discreet box that plugs into a wall outlet to extend the coverage of your home network. It usually costs 19.99 euros, but today we find it at only 9.99 euros.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Range Extender Pro

If you have a room isolated from any connectivity in your apartment or house, the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro can come in handy. In fact, this small object allows you to increase the range of your connection and receive a signal where you couldn’t before. It is practical, and above all not expensive since it is currently Half price.

What to know about the Xiaomi Wi-Fi box

  • A compact and discreet design.
  • The two antennas to pick up the signal.
  • Maximum throughput of up to 300 Mb/s
  • Up to 16 devices can be connected at the same time

Instead of the usual 19.99 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro is available today for sale for only 9.99 euros on the brand’s official websiteas much as at Electro Depot.

Convenient, but not very efficient.

With a theoretical maximum throughput of 300 Mb/s, the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro is capable of transferring many packets quickly, although those who have Fiber at home will feel a bit limited compared to the actual connection of their box. Internet. In any case, this object is not made to drastically improve your connection, but to bring the Wi-Fi network to the white zone of your home. The connection will be more stable and it will be easier to watch Netflix without loading times.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Box can receive up to 16 devices simultaneously, enough to connect your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV and even your connected light bulbs too far away.

quick and easy to install

Xiaomi’s tiny Wi-Fi box, equipped with two antennas on its head, plugs directly into a wall outlet. First, an orange indicator light will come on, this is when you need to install the Mi Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Choose the product from the list and simply follow the installation steps on the screen.

Once you are done, the little Xiaomi box will connect to your internet box and thus the indicator light will turn blue. From there, you will have two options: extend the existing signal or create a new access point. If you choose the first solution, nothing changes. But if you choose the second one, then you will have to save the new network and the new password on the devices that will connect to it. This can be a solution to create a private network in a roommate, for example.

Some tips to improve your connection

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This article was translated from this source written by Romain Ribout

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