Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
Xiaomi's case to extend your Wi-Fi coverage is back to -50%

If there is one or several rooms in your house that are completely isolated from all connectivity, the Xiaomi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro is the ideal solution to extend your Wi-Fi signal, today for only 10 euros.

Already affordable, this Xiaomi Wi-Fi repeater is 50% off
Xiaomi Mi Pro Wi-Fi Extender

Unlike routers that can replace your Box, repeaters simply broadcast the network provided by your Box. Their main advantage is that they are less expensive, but they are generally less efficient. However, they are not without interest, as they are still a simple way to improve Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms of the house. Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro is the perfect example, this case will bring a stable connection for less than 10 euros.

What is Mi Wifi Extender Pro?

  • A compact and discreet case
  • Able to strengthen and extend your Wi-Fi signal
  • With a maximum throughput of up to 300 Mb/s
  • And that supports up to 16 devices connected simultaneously

Initially offered at 19.99 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro is now available for sale for only 9.99 euros at electroplating.

Quick and easy installation

Recognized for offering affordable products, Xiaomi does not miss the opportunity to make its Wi-Fi box accessible, which comes in the form of a black square (8 x 7 x 54 cm), with the brand’s logo around it. Despite its two antennae on its head, it is inconspicuous enough to fall into oblivion. In order for it to work, the manufacturer wanted each step to be simple and easily accessible to everyone. So all you have to do is plug it into a wall socket and install the Mi Home app on your smartphone or tablet, once the orange indicator light turns on.

After indicating the product in the application list and following the installation steps on the screen, the indicator light will turn blue and your box will be successfully connected to your Internet box. You will then have two options available to you: extend the existing signal or create a new access point. If you choose the first solution, nothing changes. But if you choose the second one, then you will have to save the new network and the new password on the devices that will connect to it. This can be a solution to create a private network in a roommate, for example.

Modest yield, but enough for those without fiber

It is true that today, most boxes offer the Wi-Fi 6 standard, but as we said before, this box offers basic technical characteristics (Wi-Fi 4), with a theoretical maximum speed of 300 Mb/s. If you have a strong fiber connection, at 1 Gb/s, it will not be able to return its full performance. But beware that this object is not specially designed for advanced uses, the idea is above all to bring Wi-Fi to the white area of ​​your home. It will be more than enough to watch content on Netflix or browse the web with a stable connection, all without cutting load times.

Finally, this Xiaomi Wi-Fi box can receive up to 16 devices simultaneously, enough to connect your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, and even your connected light bulbs too far away.

Connection issues?

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This article was translated from this source written by Mélanie Capelli

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